May Is Mental Health Month

May Is Mental Health Month

This month we are acknowledging Mental Health Month.

The purpose of Mental Health Month is to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness by raising awareness of mental health conditions and those who have them.

"Globally, it is estimated that 1 in 7 (14%) 10-19 year-olds experience mental health conditions(1), yet these remain largely unrecognized and untreated."


At YogaMagic, we firmly believe in this crucial awareness. It's a huge part of why we do what we do every single day. And as part of this important awareness, we have been sharing some of our favourite methods of bringing awareness to and protecting our own mental health, as well as connecting with others to help them protect their own. 


Two Questions To Start A Conversation -

What does a meaningful connection look like to you?
What does it mean to you when it happens?

Start the conversation and see where it goes. Be open to what your little one might say and if it feels right, expand that conversation into how loneliness can feel. When the conversation comes to its natural end, highlight that what you just connected over was a meaningful connection coming to life. 

....and for all parents, try this conversation with your other half after the kids have gone to bed. It works for all ages and stages!


'Today, We Need...' Ritual -

How often are you and your family able to still your minds and bodies to bring an awareness to where you’re at in the moment and what it is you need?
It’s often a really challenging thing to be able to do with the day-to-day goings on of life. But, if you were able to take a couple minutes each morning to do this, what would it mean for your family unit?

Perhaps it would free up a bit of time for more family connection. Or, it would help you as a parent to realise you need a bit of time for yourself to re-energise. Maybe you or your kids would bring awareness to your need to connect with a friend. 
See if you can bring this little practice into your day. ‘What do I need today?’
What is your mind and body telling you? 


Yoga & Mindfulness, Give It A Try -

Whether you and your family have given yoga and mindfulness a try and no matter what your skill level is....bringing these practices into your home are such a beautiful way to connect and cultivate a bit of self-awareness & calm. If you're not quite sure where to start, but know you want are two very simple ways to bring these practices into your daily life.

  1. Easy Breathing - To discover the power of meditative breath, try this easy breathing practice which will immediately activate your parasympathetic system, known as 'rest and digest', bringing your body and mind into calm alignment.
  • Close your eyes or lower your gaze.
  • Take a deep inhale through your nose on a count of three.
  • Hold the breath in for three.
  • Exhale through your mouth on a count for five.
  • Repeat this practice two more times.
  • Slowly open your eyes. Gently bring awareness to your surroundings.
  • Yoga For All - If you're ready to invite yoga into your home, we suggest starting gently and making it playful. Yoga Cards are a brilliant way to start this practice, using beautiful illustrations and easy-to-follow guidance for simple poses. Cards also give your family the ability to choose one pose at a time and all get involved together, creating a wonderful family moment.
  • Explore our wide range of Yoga Cards here:

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