Mindful Christmas Conversations - The Spirit of Giving at Christmas

Mindful Christmas Conversations - The Spirit of Giving at Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year and if you have little ones at home, chances are - there are Santa lists being made, toys being scoped out at favourite toy stores and lots of chats about 'wants and wishes'. This is a huge (and very normal) aspect of the Christmas season....all part of the Christmas magic!

This Christmas we are talking about the act of giving and the overarching meaning of Christmas even more. With my biggest having just turned six, he is more aware than ever about the aspect of giving and it has made for some beautiful conversations at home.

If you are looking for ways to include giving in your chats and daily practices at home, here's what we've been doing and what I find to be working really well...

1. Find A Home

Every year we spend a morning clearing through our home looking for anything that has outgrown our home and is ready to move onto its next new home. As the kids grow, they have become more and more involved with this practice - choosing books, toys, clothes that they are prepared to part with, knowing that the things they choose will serve another child far more than the item might be serving them currently. 

Once we have rounded everything up, we load the car together and make the trip to donate our items to a specific organisation (which changes each year). As a family, we do the actual act of giving together. The kids absorb the entire experience and on the way home we chat about what our donations might do to help others.

It's a really impactful tradition that shows the kids how significant their practice of giving can be in the lives of others.

2. Become a Walking Advent Calendar

This is one we are finally trying this year and are very excited about. We have related to our daily advent calendars at home and have decided to create 24 small parcels (filled with chocolate, drinks, snacks) that we can gift to the amazing helpers we see around us each day. These little daily parcels are getting passed through the car window to security guards, maintenance teams, construction workers, and more. We are letting our kids take the lead on this practice by calling out the people they see who they would like to gift to, rolling down their window and handing their gift over. The smiles and cheer that it is creating are just incredible and this practice highlights to our little ones that giving, just for the sake of giving, is a truly worthwhile practice.


3. Be Invisible Hands

This is something we talk about at home quite often - the concept of being a helper when help is needed, without recognition or accolades. We call it 'being invisible hands'. We spot a need and we swoop in to meet the need - think picking up litter and throwing it away, helping someone get their groceries loaded into their car - unconditionally without any want for attention or praise. 

This is such a powerful practice in giving that encourages our children to understand and action the art of serving or being of service. We find ways throughout our day (at the dinner table or in the car on the way home) to talk about where in the day we have 'been invisible hands' and it's so inspiring to hear our little ones share their experiences in giving and being of service.

This practice also leads into serving through volunteer work!

4. Ask & Listen

This is a really fun one for the entire family! Each year, we ask our kids where and how they would like to give this festive season. We take their ideas and make them happen (as much as we possibly can). The kids feel heard and valued in their ideas and the entire family gets to participate which helps our kids to build on their sense of worthiness while practicing their very own ideas in the art of giving.

We'd love to hear how you practice giving with your family this time of year and how you spread the true meaning of Christmas across your family and home. Send your ideas to us at lauren@yogamagic.me and we will share them across our social channels to inspire families this season!

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