Mindful Parenting Workshop

Lauren & Kate team up in this parenting workshop to introduce the concept of mindful  parenting and the simple ways that parents can introduce this with their families at home. Workshop includes printed resources and Q&A.

*For parents with children aged 2-12 years

*Duration - 60-90 minutes

*From AED75 per family

Student Mental Health Talk

In this mental health talk, Kate Sheikh shares her story, what her life looked like 15 years ago and where she is today. She encourages adolescents to reach out and helps bring awareness with what they can do and who they can talk to.

*Talk references eating disorders, depression & bullying

*Secondary students (Ages: 13-18)

*Duration - 45 minutes

*This Talk is FREE of charge

Boy using The Complete ToolKit to start meditation

Mindfulness Sessions For Students

Lauren & Kate bring The Complete SchoolKit to life in your classrooms. We can tailor the program to include all 12 modules (1 per week) or break it down into smaller collections to suit your school's needs.

*For students aged 3-10

*Sessions are 30 minutes each

*Contact us for Pricing