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Welcome to the wonderful world of Yoga Lola! We hope you love her as much as we do, and she will bring joy to your family and loved ones!

We have put together a herd of resources for you so you can make the most out of your time with Yoga Lola! From Games to Guided Meditations and Yoga Cards, this is your place to come!

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About Yoga Lola

Natalie is a pediatric nurse who loves yoga, kids and dogs! She created Yoga Lola based on her first rescue dog in 2004, to help children better regulate their emotions, start yoga and also to teach them to respect their pets.
Nat's Kyds stands for:
“Kids, Yoga, and Dogs”.

K - arma - give back and be benevolent always, in your actions and thoughts
Y - oga - be active, care for your body, be healthy, settle your thoughts
D - ogs - Nat's furry family, that have given her so much unconditional love.

  • Boy doing yoga with Yoga Lola Toy

    Happy, Healthy Kids

  • Two children practicing yoga with Yoga Lola

    Create Mindful Play Opportunities

  • Girl doing yoga with Yoga Lola Toy

    Encourage the Pose Journey

  • Girl doing yoga with Yoga Lola Toy

    Sensory Input

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