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KoKo Cardboards

DIY Mindful Rainbow Making Kit | KoKo Cardboards

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Colour Combination

 It's easy to forget the wonder that lies in something so simple and easy to believe we don't have the time. These wonderful DIY sets make it oh so easy to be mindful and unplug together. Choose from a variety of colours. Great gifts, party favours and activities too! Each DIY Rainbow set comes with: 1 x cardboard base, Coloured Crepe, wool for tassle making, cardboard threading needle, clouds and an instruction flyer. You will need scissors, glue stick. Find tutorial vidoes online for support as needed. 

✨ The Mindfulness Activity for at home  

🌈 ‘Unplugged’ Bonding time guaranteed  

🤩 Includes: Cardboard base, coloured crepe, wool for tassel making, cardboard threading needle, clouds and instruction flyer  

☘️ Choose from 9 colour combinations! 



KoKo Cardboards is a brand that’ sets out to remind us of the value in time spent "unplugged" and enjoying a simple activity. KoKo Cardboard design and prepare DIY craft sets complete with a guide that parents, caregivers and children can enjoy building together first, then playing with afterwards.