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Dandelion and Clover Yoga

Children's Meditation Cushion Set of 3 | Dandelion and Clover Yoga

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Scented eye pillow to use in children’s yoga and meditation classes to help in relaxation and focus, available in various child-friendly designs. Three beautiful designs with the limited edition Around the World design or the Wonderland Fairies design. 

🧘🏻‍♀️  Mediation cushion in children's sizes 

🍃     Lavender aids in improving sleep and reducing anxiety.

🌈  Various designs to match children’s individual personalities.

🐚     100% Cotton

👭      Mother and Daughter run Small Business

These adorable handmade cotton children's meditation cushion designs can be used during children’s yoga and mindfulness classes in addition to their day-to-day lives, or when they need a quiet moment to self-regulate. These pillows can be used during long journeys or difficult bedtimes to add some peacefulness and ease. The comforting smell of lavender has been proven to help with self-regulation and relieve stress to improve their overall mood.