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Mini Mindfuls

Little Notes at Lunchtime | Mini Mindfuls

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Little Notes at Lunchtime are the perfect companion for your child's luchbox! 24 cards with a sweet little note and space not he backside for your personal message for their day. The 12 Mindful Mates put a smile on children’s faces at school or summer camp when they need to feel loved and safe. Allowing them to self-regulate and inspiring them to be independent.

·       24 sweet little notes

·       Speak positively into your child’s day

·       Each note has one of 12 Mindful Mates on it

·       Add your own encouraging message on the back of every note

·       Can double up as a fun game of memory



Nurture connection and speak positivity into your child’s day with these sweet Little Notes at Lunchtime and the 12 Mindful Mates from UAE based, mummy run business Mini Mindfuls. 

Whether at school or summer camp...choose a little note, fill in your personal message and pop it into your little one’s lunchbox for a sweet surprise when they sit down to eat. These little notes teach kids important values and helps them through emotional times at school or out of the house. It builds children’s self-confidence, independence, and aids in the mental well-being of kids. The Mindful Mates on the notes bring a sense of comfort to children and the personal message makes them feel safe and nurtured when away from home. Children start looking forward to opening their lunchboxes at school so they can see which little note awaits them.

Mini Mindfuls is a Dubai based business run by Mummy and Mindfulness Coach for Families Lauren Butcher. Her mission is to bring Mindfulness into every families' home with the help of her 12 Mindful Mates.