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Yogi Fun

Memo Yogi Game | Yogi Fun

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This fun matching game helps children develop memory skills by exercising both their brains’ memory and their body’s memory. It builds their concentration, coordination, and memory skills while taking turns trying to find a pair of matching cards.

  •        36 beautifully illustrated cards featuring 18 kids yoga poses
  •        Based on the matching game “Memory”, but with the added benefit of learning yoga poses
  •        Encourages children (ages 3 and up) to play together and promotes concentration and focus
  •        Carry this YOGi FUN game anywhere in its compact packaging

Artistic, humorous, colorful illustrations teach 18 yoga poses. Each cards includes a playful illustration of a child and an animal! Each game contains 36 durable and beautifully illustrated cards featuring 18 yoga poses. The instructions come in seven languages. Te size of each card is 2 x 2” (5 x 5 cm).

YOGi FUN, established in 2016, is a company devoted to the creation of yoga based games through which children, along with their parents and friends, can participate in a variety of fun dynamic activities. Karin Sella and Guy Meltzer are the brilliant and innovative minds behind YOGi FUN and are both loving parents to their children. They love the idea of having fun while simultaneously learning valuable lessons and believe in equality, generosity, and friendship. YOGi FUN’s mission is to bring the benefits of yoga through fun games, giving children all over the world the opportunity to grow while having fun