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Joyful Hearts Co

Mindful Matching Card Game | Joyful Hearts Co.

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This Mindful Matching Card Game is a lesson in positive thinking and encourages gratitude in children and adults alike. Play with your kids to start meaningful conversations and bring lasting moments of happiness into your home.  

🌈24 (12 pairs) fun, colourful cards of what joy is 
🃏Mindfulness and Gratitude Exercise for children and adults alike 
🏠Great family bonding opportunity that encourages conversation about positive topics  
🎁Wonderful gift for someone who likes to give gifts that matter 


Joyful Hearts Co is a Canadian company, aiming to inspire and encourage children to embrace a positive mindset.  
Founder Janice says: “These cards were inspired by kids. My greatest hope as a mother is that my kids grow up to be good, happy and positive people. Words are powerful. 
Our children ARE the future. Nurture them, encourage them, inspire them!”  
A mindful practice for kids: Nurture happiness from within. 
Life is wonderful in its simplicity. Help your child find joy in day to day life and teach them gratitude with this memory card game.