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Positive Ideas for Busy Little Minds | Monkinya

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50 colorful positive affirmation cards for kids from Monkinya. 

Choose a card to boost your mood, encourage happy thoughts and create a positive mindset. Try repeating each one three times, making your voice louder and more confident as you go. Practice by yourself, with friends or family and notice how good it makes you feel!

Introducing children to mindfulness activities like positive affirmations from an early age is such a powerful tool in their development. By the time we become adults, our brains are often hardwired with old thoughts, bad encounters or habits that can prove difficult to shift. Neurological research shows that the experiences we have in our earliest years, from the bonds we have with our parents to the things we hear and learn, can have a long-lasting effect on our emotional, physical and social well-being.
You can begin using positive affirmations with children even before they can read. Once a child can read, they might like to choose a little affirmation that resonates with them each day, and again, repeat this to themselves three times.