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Nat's Kyds

Nat's Kyds | Yoga Lola

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Yoga Lola can help children better manage their emotions, by practicing stillness, learn to practice Yoga, and self-awareness and enjoy its benefits. The bundle includes Yoga Lola and her Mat! 

🐶 Meditative, articulating (for yoga poses) structured toy, made from Polyester fibers and Polyurethane cotton
🧘🏼‍♀️ Clean toy surface with warm water, mild soap.
❣️ The toy is soft to touch; in the shape of a dog - that can do almost any Yoga pose,
due to its articulating inner skeletal structure.

Lola’s favorite yoga pose is downward facing dog, and then upward facing Dog. it’s the
first thing she does once she climbs out of bed, every day! Start practicing with Yoga Lola today <3 

About Nat's Kyds: “Kids, Yoga, and Dogs”. The acronym of all 3-words spells “KYDs”
K - arma - give back and be benevolent always, in your actions and thoughts
Y - oga - be active, care for your body, be healthy, settle your thoughts
D - ogs - my furry family, that have given me so much unconditional love.