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The Little Blue Book | Mie Mind

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For all those who strive to bring a positive change in their lives, by breaking

their restrictive habits. The ‘Little Blue Book’ has been crafted to encourage your connection with your inner strength. The book intends to bestow its readers with Peace, Love and Abundance, through its intentions and experiences. Fabricated in a beautiful blue color, this book will make you start your day on a positive note. By keeping the little blue book at ones desk the words embossed keep priming your mind and encourage into good habits with 30 Agenda's for Mind & 75 Subconscious Priming Words to Break Bad Habits 


  • - The Little Blue Book is the first step to train the subconscious mind to work around monthly agendas that'll work for you. 

  • - Helping you break the limiting habits and develop the limitless habits. 

  • - Can be used as a desk calender and prime your mind by avoiding marketing advertisements. 

  • - Each page has been crafted with finest and thick paper for a flawless and long-lasting finish. 

  • - An ideal gift option for someone you care for as it can truly transform someone's life.