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The Teacher's ToolKit

The Teacher's ToolKit 2 | The Complete SchoolKit

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Introducing a new mental well-being program for children which trains educators to bring social-emotional health into the classroom through establishing daily mindfulness and yoga practices with their students.

Our Teacher's ToolKits are inspired by The Complete SchoolKit program and adapted specifically for teachers to access for instant delivery to your students!

This Teacher's ToolKit 2 introduces 4 new mates: the Patient Penguin, the Alligator with Awareness, the Listening Lion and the Breathing Bear.

This ToolKit is all about fostering patience, self-awareness, loyalty to your inner-voice and the ability to adopt intentional breathing.

Join these four Mindful Mates as they take you and your class on a journey through these vital social-emotional themes.

The Teacher's ToolKits are suitable for primary school aged children up to year 6. 


This Teacher's ToolKit 2 is the follow up ToolKit to The Teachers' ToolKit 1, and it contains:

  • 4 new Mindful Mate Affirmation Cards providing a friendly visual queue to practice each technique
  • 8 guide videos that cover 4 'Mindful Moment' & 4 'Mindful Movement' practices that you can easily adapt and deliver in your own classroom
  • 8 lesson plans & guide cards covering mindfulness and yoga with clear objectives, materials, openings, guided practices, opportunities for connection, questions for reflection & closings.
  • Hands-on tools to instantly apply the practices in moments of need
  • 4 new Positive Teaching Affirmation cards
  • 4 new Mindful Mate Colouring printables
  • Lifetime Access

When purchased, The Teacher's ToolKits are accessible to one teacher/classroom setting only.