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Original Wobbel Board with Felt | Wobbel

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Europe’s leading balance board – the MUST HAVE open ended toy for babies, children and grown up’s across the globe! A wave of Wobbel Yoga is sweeping parents and children off their feet at the same time. This is our absolute favourite product to help you start a yoga practice at home- enhancing your child's motor and balance skills, and can be used for yoga and beyond.  

 Wobbel boards are a sleek and simply designed beechwood arch that supports your child’s development journey. Whether that’s by inspiring creativity, and pushing the boundaries of their imagination, or through developing strength, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skills. 

There really isn’t anything that the Wobbel Board isn't good for! 

🏄🏽‍♀️ Wobbel Original Boards measure 90cm in length and 30cm in width – making them best suited to those below 140cm in height. 

👼🏼 Suitable for children aged 0+  
🧘🏾 Introduce yoga poses with an added twist and lots of fun.  

🧸 Felt base to avoid slipping  

🌈 Available in 4 colours  

✨ Get your FREE Wobbel Yoga Cards with every purchase to get you started!  

*Small babies and children should always be supervised whilst using Wobbel Boards. 

*We recommend small children using their boards on a soft surface – a playmat or carpet for example.