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Yogi Fun

Floor Puzzle Sun Salutations | Yogi Fun

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  • Beautifully illustrated, circular floor puzzle of the Sun Salutation yoga sequence for kids ages 4 and up

  • Great dynamic quality time: first assemble the puzzle and afterwards practice yoga

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, concentration and focus

  • 49 thick cardboard pieces; 20 inch / 50 cm diameter assembled

  • Winner of the “Brain Child” Award from Tillywig Toy Awards in 2019


Children find this delightful floor puzzle fun in so many ways! First - you assemble the puzzle and then you follow the path and the yoga poses on it, learning the basic 'sun salutation' sequence.

It is beautifully and playfully illustrated with artwork that shows animals and humans performing seven different yoga poses in an enchanting woodland setting. Adding to the visual pleasure, for every boy or girl shown in a given pose, there is an animal executing that same pose.

Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, concentration and focus. The circular shape of the puzzle and the sequential order in which the poses are illustrated promote a more advanced level of spatial reasoning and problem-solving than normally arises during puzzle play as well as development of fine motor skills through practicing the poses.