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You Can Do It Growth Mindset Workbook PDF for Teens | Calm Little Minds

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You can do it growth mindset workbook for teens

Best for ages 11-17

Have you ever wondered how to teach growth mindset to your kids? Is your teen struggling with fixed mindset?

When kids have a growth mindset they view their failures as learning curves, obstacles in their path of opportunities and they consider themselves a creative work in progress.

Take the first step in helping them understand the importance of growth mindset and gift them this workbook which has been designed by a professional psychologist and mum.

This workbook includes:

  • What is mindset (fixed vs growth)
  • ‘Your mindset’ questionnaire
  • Fixed vs Growth statements challenge
  • The brain and mindset
  • Neuroplasticity worksheet
  • Failure, effort, and success worksheets
  • Positive growth mindset scenarios
  • Learning from failure
  • Building confidence scenarios

With this growth mindset workbook your teens can:

  • Learn about growth and fixed mindset
  • Welcome mistakes as opportunities to grow
  • Overcome the fear of failure
  • Combat intrusive negative thoughts

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